Exeter Slow Food on Campus Society


From recipe ideas to food store recommendations, we will be bringing you tips on how to be a sustainable student in Exeter!

Follow our blog to find out how you can save money, use up left-over ingredients and cook delicious meals which do not just consist of pasta!


Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not to be associated with the Slow Food organisation or any of its branches.

What is Slow Food on Campus Society?

Slow Food on Campus Society aims to provide sustainable cooking advice for students, as well as promote local food and products. If you are a fellow food fanatic, then this is the society for you!

Whether you are a culinary champion or are looking to prove to your parents that you do not just eat pot noodles and beans on toast, we will be posting a range of recipes to spice up your meals!


Visit the Slow Food on Campus Society guild page to become an official member today!

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Are you keen to get involved with our blog? We would love to hear from you! Message us on Facebook or email slowfoodoncampus@groups.exeterguild.com

Our latest blog posts…

Eating for your hair

By Izzy Hopkinson In our modern society we are constantly being bombarded with challenges, expectations and judgements on how we look. Instagram is shoving down our throats vitamins and gummies to help improve our hair health. In these winter months as the moisture is sucked from our hair and dry shampoo becomes our best friendContinue reading “Eating for your hair”

The Mystery of the Marzipan Pig – Weird Christmas Traditions and a Kransekake Recipe

By Adeline Fawcett-Ellis Christmas is finally here! And with it comes the many weird and wonderful traditions which we have come to associate with Christmas. If you ever meet a Norwegian during the Christmas period, it is almost guaranteed that they are planning on making rice pudding! This is part of a well-loved tradition inContinue reading “The Mystery of the Marzipan Pig – Weird Christmas Traditions and a Kransekake Recipe”

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